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Kardashian: Finally, Kardashian Family Shoots the Breeze over Kanye and Kim Divorcing Each Other

It’s the End for Kanye & Kim

Kardashians have finally opened up about Kim and Kanye dropping their six year old marriage. The news first came out in ending of last year. At first, everyone thought that the news is nothing but a rumor or another publicity stunt by the family. However, after sometime it was cleared that the couple is divorcing each other. Kim was also seen without her marriage ring. Kanye was also spending time at different place away from Kim.

Kim and Kanye file photo
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On top of that, Kim’s lawyer Laura Wasser was also seen with Kim which confirmed the divorce rumor. If this divorce happened, then it would be Kim’s third divorce. Her last divorce happened with Kris Humphries who is NBA player. This marriage lasted for only 72 days.

Apparently, Kardashians are planning to feature Kim and Kanye’s divorce in “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”

There is not even a single chance Kardashians and Jenners leave that can provide them a public attention. This is actually the weirdest thing about them. Well, Kanye is very much upset with this idea of Kardashians. Moreover, the main reason Kanye divorcing Kim is that he is fed up with Kris’s and Kardashians’ interruptions in his family. He obviously do not want to get his divorce featured in Kardashians show.

Kim and Kanye file photo
Credit: Instagram

However, Kardashians are waiting for January or February which will decide “what to and how to” feature the divorce. A source told E ! news that Kim is so tired of Kanye’s irrelevant remarks. People also made fun out of him when he said last year that he would be standing up for President elections. Moreover, he gave very less time in 2020 to his family and thus Kim had to manage their four children. Kim studies was also disturbed as she is studying for her lawyer exams.

Although, the couple is taking help of Marriage counselling, but Kim is not keeping much hope.

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