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FKA Twigs Shares Shocking Details About Not Being Allowed To Look Men In The Eye Durig Her Relationship With Shia Lebeouf!

It seems like FKA Twigs is not holding back when it comes to her toxic relationship with actor Shia Lebeouf! The celeb has recently shared some never heard before facts about the relationship and it will definitely take you by surprise for sure!

FKA Twigs Makes Some Shocking Revelations About Ex- Boyfriend Shia LaBeouf!

According to FKA Twigs, who recently has filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend Shia LaBeouf, she was subjected to relentless abuse when she was with the actor for nine months. FKA Twigs was all candid about it all in an exclusive new podcast where she talks about how it is a big problem in our society and still, we don’t talk about it!

FKA Twigs

While the singer said how the initial stage of her relationship with Shia was nothing less of an intense honeymoon period but that surely did not last long and the bad part soon followed soon after. FKA Twigs revealed that with time Shia became quite controlling and jealous and even the smallest thing could spark an argument.

The Singer Recalled The Incident Which Was A Wake-Up Call For Her!

The actor, as explained by Twigs was so jealous that she was asked to not look men in the eye and this went on for a solid four months! Even small features like being nice to a waiter were not taken healthily. There were some extreme rules in the relationship and if those were not met, it would soon turn into an ugly argument!

FKA Twigs

The singer went on to recall this one incident which was like wake-up calls for her as the Honey Boy actor allegedly tried to strangle her and even threatened to crash the car if she did not say I Love You to him! FKA Twigs believes that it is not about Shia or her anymore but it is for a bigger cause!

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