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Get Ready For More Drama And Relationship Complications, As Revealed By Bridgerton Star Jonathan Bailey!

Bridgerton to get a lot more intense, dramatic and intriguing

More drama, relationship pangs and elaborate dress and ball dances awaits as Netflix drama series Bridgerton has been finally renewed for season 2 after the first season made its way on Christmas Day!

Bridgerton Star Jonathan Bailey Makes Some Big Revelations!

While there have been some cliffhangers left behind, some of the characters will be returning as they left their stories incomplete, it is easy to assume that the second season will be looking into Lord Anthony Bridgerton’s character that sets out with a new aim in the first season finale!

Bridgerton 2

Series star Jonathan Bailey who has become the current heartthrob and play the role of Lord Anthony Bridgerton said that the second season is going to be a whole lot convoluting, sexier and exciting. His character went through some big ups and downs in the first season which will be further unravelled in season 2!

What’s Next for Lord Anthony Bridgerton In The Second Season?

Fans would also see more of Simon and Daphne’s complicated relationship that might unfold further in the second season. As Jonathan Bailey teases, the second season is going to pushing boundaries in every single way! So, expect double the drama this time between the characters!

Bridgerton 2

Jonathan Bailey also took this opportunity to praise their series creator Chris Van Dusen who filled the show with much-needed excitement and sexiness while taking it to a whole other level. Moreover, Bailey talked about the cliffhangers and as per the original story Lord Anthony is going to meet someone new and a new story unravels! What seemed to be an obvious rejection from Anthony’s lady love, it seems like the second season will open up for more as the Duke will set out for a new aim in life that will be focused more in the second season of Bridgerton.

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