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Helena Howard Knew About Her Character’s Betrayal Right From The Start In Amazon Prime’s The Wilds!

The Wilds

There’s so much more to the character than what we know

Amazon Prime’s newly released thriller drama series The Wilds went on to gain an overwhelming response from viewers, however, the first season finale left behind a huge cliffhanger and it seems like one of the cast members is here to make some big revelations.

Helena Howard Opens Up About Her Character’s Revelation In The Amazon Series The Wilds!

After much speculation about the finale, fans were stunned to see in the last two episodes that the second mole was born other than the sweet and soft-spoken Nora played by Helena Howard. While it surely took fans by surprise, it seems like someone knew about it before it.

When asked about it to Helena Howard to portray the role of Nora in the series revealed that she knew about her characters’ betrayal right of the pilot of the show. However, it was not the same for her co-stars! We will get to see more as The Wilds will be returning for a second season as it was announced on all social media platforms !

Helena Howard’s Co-Stars Were Not Aware Of The Identity Of Second Mole!

As for her co-stars were concerned, the identity of the mole was more like a guessing game for them and was acquainted with the whole revelation that took everyone by surprise. Helena Howard went ok to say that while everyone knew that Jeanette was one of the two confederates, the second one was kept a secret.

While The Wilds has been renewed for a second season just a few days after the first season premiered on the streaming platform, Helena revealed that her character is going to be alive in season two, further explaining that how she will return in the form of flashbacks but not in a present-day scene.

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