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Jojo Siwa Came Out With A Best Gay Cousin Shirt On Social Media While Raising Several Speculations!

Jojo Siwa made a difference!

It seems like one of our popular social media celebrity recently came out as a member of the LGBT community and did it in a unique way that is already becoming viral once it resurfaced on the internet!

Jojo Siwa Came Out With A Shirt Picture On Social Media!

Earlier this week, Tiktok and social media star Jojo Siwa was seen singing along the lyrics of Born This Way, the hit song by singing sensation Lady Gaga. While the lyrics go like there’s no need for labels as long as you are in the right track, it seems like the celeb had a message to pass along.

JoJo Siwa

Recently the celebrity came out while wearing a Best Gay Cousin, fans soon figured out that this is Jojo Siwa’s way of coming out while earlier she was seen singing the song and now this shirt picture on social media. Here’s the image of Jojo Siwa that went viral in no time.

Fans And Family Friends Are Already Showing Her All The Love And Support!

While the star has not yet issued any official statement as of yet, the star recently participated in a video shared by Kent Boyd who is a member of Tiktok LGBTQ group named Pride House. Moreover, with Jojo Siwa sharing several pictures and video online, she had received much support from friends and family members!

JoJo Siwa

However, this picture that the star recently shared of wearing the Best Gay Cousin shirt is indicating that Jojo Siwa is confirming her whole coming out thing. The seventeen-year-old star has been an inspiring figure and a role model for many and this will send across a message. Jojo Siwa is a huge Miley Cyrus fan and has gone on record to express how she is such a high admirer of the singing star.

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