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Series Creator Charles Brooker Might Have Something Interesting To Say About Black Mirror Season 6!

Is it happening or not?

While Netflix’s hit series Black Mirror gave us a few unexpected surprises that pretty much shook us to the core, after five back to back seasons, fans are wondering whether a fifth season is going to be happening anytime soon on the streaming platform.

Is Netflix Popular Series, Black Mirror Going To Make A Comeback With Season 6?

Fans last saw the fifth season arriving on the streaming platform back in 2019, the series rose to great prominence considering how it starred some of the biggest talents from the small screen, it seems like the sixth season of Black Mirror might not happen anytime soon.

Black Mirror 6

Series creator Charles Brooker has shared an interesting insight saying that whether the sixth season of Black Mirror would sit well with the current situation of the whole worldwide, the world is going through a big health crisis and a grim series like Black Mirror might not be something that it needs right now!

Series Creator Charles Brooker Have Opened Up About A Sixth Black Mirror Season!

While explaining how this present crisis is making things worse, Brooker has received that he currently working on some comedy scripts aimed at making himself laugh. It seems like Brooker might be working with Netflix in the future but we are not sure whether Black Mirror will be one of the projects.

Black Mirror 6

However, this might not be the end as Netflix has yet not made any official announcement regarding the cancellation of Black Mirror. While the five seasons have managed to leave behind a huge mark, a sixth season is still looking uncertain from up here. The creative brains behind Black Mirror recently collaborated with the streaming platform on their newest release, Death To 2020, so for now we can binge watch that while any new update about a sixth season Black Mirror arrives.

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