What Led To The Sudden Disappearance Of Lil Tay From Social Media?


The sudden disappearance caused worry

While people are always interested all about the life that some of of our popular influencers lead on social media and in real life, it seems like one such influencer raised too many eyebrows for her controversial lifestyle!

Followers Were Alarmed By Some Of Lil Tay’s Videos On Social Media!

People are both shocked and surprised when a young nine-years-old social media influencer Lil Tay resurfaced on the internet. What caught people’s attention was her unconventional behaviour and how she went on to boast about how much money she has! What was irked was a kid displaying such behaviour on social media!

Lil Tay

While people found her videos hilarious at first, it was after a while when fans become a bit concerned about Lil Tay and how she handles her social media image. Lil Tay was just like years old and used to utter slangs that were pretty inappropriate for her age. Moreover, she also started hanging out with stars who were quite older to her.

Fans Were Surprised By Lil Tay’s Sudden Disappearance From Social Media!

Things became all the more suspicious when it was discovered that the cars that Tay used to show in her videos belonged to her mother’s boss, even the houses that the social media star showed were actually on sale! Fans were worried that why this young kid is not living a normal life like other nine-year-old!

Lil Tay

Fans went into a frenzy after Lil Tay was been smoking hookah in one of her videos which raised serious concerns amongst her social media followers, however, things become all the more complicated when Lik Tay’s father took legal steps and asked her to come to Canada. While nothing has come to a proper conclusion, it is reported by some sources that Lil Tay is 11 now and is homeschooled in Vancouver.

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