Fans Get A Pleasant Surprise As The Crown Cast Members Break A Leg To Lizzo’s Tunes!


While the whole world is dancing to the tunes of pop star Lizzo’s songs, it seems like two of the most talented actors have recently shared their love for Lizzo’s songs and it sure is something else!

The Crown Cast Members Do A Little Dance Routine To Lizzo’s Good As Hell!

While Netflix’s hit royal drama series The Crown is all about the politics and powerplay between the big names if the royal family, sometimes the actor lighten the mood while dancing in Lizzo’s tunes! Leading stars of the series, Olivia Coleman and Gillian Anderson seemed to be enjoying the song while they danced to it!

The Crown

All thanks to the latest video shared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, fans saw the leading cast of The Crown breaking a leg on Lizzo’s hit track Good As Hell! The dance sure was good as hell! However, Gillian Anderson who gained eyeballs while portraying the role of Margaret Thatcher joked about how humiliating it and there’s much delight and shame! Take a look at this fun conversation between Gillian Anderson and Seth Meyers.

Gillian Anderson Talks About The Dance Video And More!

What makes the video all the more interesting is all the actors are dressed in black while preparing for a funeral scene and well, dancing on Lizzo’s tones! Gillian Anderson further revealed that Olivia Coleman does a can’t class in the area and that’s how the whole thing happened!

The Crown

While Gillian Anderson was a bit red-faced as the video was never supposed to see the light of day! Fans are so glad to see the video as it surely lightened the mood as the actors all seemed to break a sweat while preparing for a grim scene. It seems like that’s how the team blew off the work pressure.

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