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Good News: The shooting of “Grace and Frankie” season 7 is resumed

“Grace and Frankie” is an American web series which is based on comedy genre. It is among the best Netflix’s originals which was created by Marta Kauffman and Howard Morris for Netflix. There are 6 seasons of “Grace and Frankie”. First season was released on 8th of May, 2015 whereas season 6 was released on 15th of January, 2020. On its release of first season, “Grace and Frankie” received mixed reviews. But, on its successive season, its viewership was rapidly increased. The show has received various nominations which include Emmy Award and Golden Globe.

The shooting of “Grace and Frankie” has always been active for successive years. It was this time that in 2020 that the shooting of season 7 was interpreted due to COVID-19.

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For now, shooting of season 7 of “Grace and Frankie” is resumed

Fonda herself broke the news to her fans in November last year that the shooting of season 7 will be resumed. Makers will start filming season 7 again in June 2021. We know that it is bit late but as you all know that America is among the worst corona hit country. So maybe that is the reason makers are not hurrying up.

When can we expect season 7 of “Grace and Frankie” to roll out?

“Grace and Frankie” is on of the original Netflix show that has been running since so long. It is expected that the show’s season 7 will roll out in mid 2022. We know that this very late but we all know that how baffle 2020 was. It probably would be the last season of “Grace and Frankie”. Maybe this is one of the reasons why makers are taking time so that they can make it more special.  Moreover, creators already confirmed on 4th of September, 2019 that season 7 is the last season of the show.

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So, we won’t be having season 8 for “Grace and Frankie”. 

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