Jennifer Roberts Makes A Worthwhile Contribution While Making Several A Safe Place For Teachers


With the pandemic terror still looming large on the whole worldwide, it seems like many people at still struggling with the whole havoc wreaked by the deadly COVID virus!

Jennifer Roberts Delivers Huge Amounts Of Unused Masks Amongst Teachers!

However, amidst such a severe health crisis a woman named Jennifer Roberts has resurfaced on all social media platform for a specific reason. This woman has reportedly managed to deliver as many as 2,500 numbers of masks amongst teachers.

Como Mask Bank

Jennifer Robert executed a rather meticulous plan by delivering so many masks amongst teachers, these masks were lying unused and Roberts decided to put them into some good use and started a Facebook page named Como Mask Bank to get the message across. This organisation is making a difference with their mask campaign as many unused masks go in waste of not delivered in time. People associated with this organisation are making sure that they go into good news and are making schools much safer for everyone in it as these people are an important pillar of the society.

The Facebook Page Como Mask Bank Is Spreading The Message Across.

By delivering these masks across, Jennifer Roberts made these schools a safe place for both the teachers and the students and also managed to utilise these unused masks. She wanted every person who works in a school to have access to N95. These masks will now go into some good use.

Como Mask Bank

As Roberts further explained that how she stumbled upon the fact that these masks were sitting idle at the Covid-19 Regional Relief Fund and it has also been stated that the teachers are ecstatic upon receiving the masks. They are happy and can feel the love that has been delivered to them through these masks.

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