Johnny Depp Might Not Have Been Too Comfortable While Kissing Co-Star Kiera Knightley In The Pirates Of Carribean Movie!


It seems like iconic actor Johnny Depp cannot steer clear of controversy, while the star has already made enough buzz with his ongoing divorce feud with ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp is making news for yet another reason!

Johnny Depp Opens Up About His Kissing Scene With Keira Knightley!

It seems like while fans seemed to have enjoyed the sweet and sour equation that Johnny Depp shared with his co-star, Keira Knightley in the Pirates Of Caribbean movie, that might not have been the case for the leading actor!

Kiera Knightley

Keira Knightley, who played the role of Elizabeth Swann in the movie was just seventeen years old when she shot the movie back in 2003, and Johnny Depp has admitted that given the age gap between the two, it was a been strange and weird to shot a kissing scene. The actress had a romantic relationship with both the leading stars of the movie.

There Was A Huge Age Difference Between The Two Co-Stars!

Johnny Depp was almost twenty years older than the actress and it might have been a bit awkward for the actor to kiss her onscreen. As the actor explained that kissing someone you are not romantically involved with can make things a bit str age and given that Keira Knightley was quite younger than him might have made things all the more difficult for Depp.

Keira And Orlando Bloom

However, things were not really that awkward for Keira Knightley who got to romance both Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in the movie! She confessed that it was not that bad after all and there’s nothing more a girl could ask for! While everything worked out in the end, and the movie went on to become a huge box office success, it seems like the awkwardness was not that visible on screen.

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