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Michael B. Jordan wants to Return as Killmonger in Late Chadwick Bosman starrer “Black Panther”

MiChadwick Bosman died last year due to cancer. 2020 was really tough for us and on addition to it, such a great actor said good by to us. After Chadwick’s death, fans thought that “Black Panther” is pushed to a dead end. In fact, it is still a mystery that who will be playing character of “Black Panther” in the movie. Michael B. Jordan played the role of “Kill Monger”.

However, the character died in the movie’s climax, still Jordan said that he would like to return if the makers of the movie ask him. The 33 year old actor is still obsessed with his role in the movie.

As soon as Jordan spoke this with People, “Shuri” started trending on Twitter

The actor was speaking about his upcoming movie and charity work. Michael was asked by the host that whether he is interested returning to his role. Jordan became more than excited and really loved the idea. To this idea , Jordan replied that “Black Panther” is among the movie which is very closed to his heart.

Shuri in Black Panther
Credit: Twitter

With Jordan talking about, “Shuri” started trending on Twitter. Since due to the death of Chadwick, the future of the movie is very uncertain and interesting. Fan theory says that “Shuri” might be the next hero of Wakanda. Also, character might mirror the journey of Shuri in comics where she is both a protector and monarch of the Wakanda.

Jordan also spoke about Late Chadwick Bosman

Michael said that for him the loss was hard. He still has a deep connection with the movie. Jordan further added that it is very tough year for him because he lost someone very close to him. He said that they created a family over while filming “Black Panther”. 

Credit: Twitter

Michael also won thousands of hearts while making it official that he is dating Lori Harvey.

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