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Netflix’s Lost in Space: Amidst Speculations and Doubts, Season 3 just got Confirmed and How

The series is finally being done right and it would be great if there were more seasons

The first Lost in Space series came out in 1965 and ran till 1968. While it was popular during that time, it got more and more ridiculous as the years went on. Then came the rebooted 1998 movie which also failed miserably. Before the 2018 reboot came, the cast was predominantly male and white, and its relevance was questionable in a contemporary society.

Why the 2018 series is so good

Lost in Space

The 2018 reboot by Netflix managed to dispel any doubts of the show finding success. It’s smart, diverse, and the stays true to the science fiction genre more than most shows. It retains some of the quirky charms that the original had, and the most memorable character is now Dr. Zachary Smith, who is a woman now and is played by Parker Posey. Also, there’s more diversity in the cast.

The Netflix series puts equal importance on the science fiction element and the family dynamic between the Robinsons. The Robot that stays with the family has also received a revamp, but is still an alien robot that looks more alien-ey than nuts and bolts. Both seasons were successful, and the fandom has certainly grown, with some being fans of the original and some entirely new.

Has season 3 been confirmed?

Lost in Space

Season 3 is indeed happening. Renewal was doubtful after season 2 released in December 2019, but Variety has confirmed that a third season is in the works.

Lost in Space season 3 is expected to come out in 2021, but that looks doubtful at present. The announcement came before lockdowns were initiated worldwide, and there’s been no word about the series’s pre-production. But they won’t be wasting time since the kids (Maxwell Jenkins, Taylor Russell, and Mina Sundwall) are still growing and will start looking older.

Showrunner Zack Estrin said that the show will be ending with season 3.

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