What If We Told You That Jennifer Lopez And Mathew McConaughey Were Not The First Choices For The Wedding Planner!


It is the 20th anniversary of one of the most popular rom-com movies The Wedding Planner that might have given fans some major love goals and it seems like the leading stars are here to spill some beans!

Leading Stars Mathew McConaughey And Jennifer Lopez Spill Some Beans About The Wedding Planner Movie!

While leading stars Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez went on to set on-screen couple goals and the movie went on to become a massive box office hit, the actors recall some of their favourite scenes from the movie and the stories behind them!

Jennifer Lopez

While Jennifer Lopez admits that one of her favourite scenes was the one where she was hit by a dumpster as she tried hard to get the shoe out of the street grate and the hero says that she smells like plums and grilled cheese! While talking about this exact scene, Matthew McConaughey praised his co-star as he revealed that J-Lo hurt her ankle while doing that scene.

The Stars Were Not The Initial Choice For The Movie!

Fans will be astonished to know that the leasing stars of this movie were not the first choice to start with, according to director Adam Shankman there were two completely different casts altogether. Minnie Driver was initially considered for the role of Mary Fiore and Brendan Fraser for the lead male role.

The Wedding Planner

That’s when singing sensation Jennifer Lopez showed interest in the role, however, the director was still a bit reluctant to hire her for the role. While the director never saw the star as a romantic comedy person, he was hypnotised once he met her and all his reservations went away. Fans are happy as it all worked out in the end , and we got to see one of the cutest rom-com movies of all time.

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