American Actress Cicely Tyson Breathed Last at the Age of 96. Former President of USA Barack Obama tweets a heartful tweet for her


The American actress and fashion model was born 19th of December, 1924. Cicely Tyson’s carrier was on high sky for like seven decades. The fashion model earned most of her name as fashion model. She became a woman with very strong impact. She was also know for her portrayal of strong African-American women.

A legend

In her overall career she has won three legendary awards which includes Emmy Awards, Black reel awards, screen actors guild, Tony Award, honorary award and Peabody award. Her career and work is now also an inspiration for many freshers who wants earn big name in Hollywood.

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Tyson died at the age of 96 yesterday

She never stopped even for a single year. Tyson was active since 7 decades. She was active since 1948. However, the cause of death is not yet disclosed. Tyson is also a first black woman to gain a role even after a black woman in 1960s in West side/ East side drama. Tyson was also presented with Presidential medal of Freedom in 2016. Back then, Barack Obama was USA president. Obama consider him as a woman who has set a history through her work. He also posted a tweet in her remembrance and wrote a very warm full message for her.

In an interview with “CBS This Morning”, Tyson has a very good chat with Gayle King. You know that old people thing? Tyson’s talks and chit-chats at that show was a good lessons for how life works and how it worked out for her. Gayle asked Tyson “when time comes what do you want us to remember about you?”. To which, Tyson replied that she has done her best, that’s it.

Apart from Obama and Gayle many celebs showed their respect to Tyson. We too pray for her soul to rest in peace!

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