Iconic Actress Cicely Tyson Has Passed Away While Leaving A Legacy Behind.


It is a sad day indeed as the acting fraternity lost one of it’s biggest jewels as popular actress Cicely Tyson has passed away and it surely is a huge loss for the industry.

Iconic Actress Cicely Tyson Has Passed Away

The actress was ninety-six year’s old and while the exact reason behind her death has still not been revealed yet, she was known for portraying strong African-American characters over all these years. Cicely Tyson has won two Emmys as well.

Cicely Tyson

The late actress was known for her excellency, however, she was also known for her strong set of beliefs as she refused to enact any stereotypical roles for black women, instead, she was interested in doing roles that are realistic, strong and positive. Several big stars have remembered the actress via social media as they penned down heartfelt goodbye notes.

Several Of Her Closed One’s Remembered The Great Soul.

Cicely Tyson’s manager issued an official statement while mourning over the loss. Larry Thompson remembered the iconic actress and how the whole experience of working with her was a privilege and each year was a blessing. One Day At A Time Star Rita Moreno also remembered the actress as she posted a picture with her.

Cicely Tyson

The iconic actress recently got her memoir titled Just As I Am published and her manager said that the star described the memoir as a Christmas tree decorated with various jewels from her life. The star will be remembered through her work that has etched an immortal mark behind. While the actress has managed to leave a legacy of string acting behind, we will always applaud her believes and strength as she went on to become an inspiring example for many and will be etched for the coming years as well.

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