Late Larry King’s wife Shawn King shares her last moments says that her last words to him were “I Love You”


Lawrenc Harvey Zeiger also known as Larry King died on 23rd of January, 2021. The legend was known for his work in American television and radio host. Hw has hosted more than 50,000 interviews. He has married over seven times. His recent marriage was to Shawn Southwick whom he married in 1997 after divorcing Julie Alexander in 1992.

Larry was also a WMBM radio interviewer in the Miami area in around 1950s. He gained much of his popularity as a host of “The Larry King Show”. This show was broadcasted on the Mutual Broadcasting System. In fact for around 25 years Larry was active as a host of “Larry King Live” on CNN.

Cannon and Chance
Credit: Twitter

Larry’s death news was informed by his children on his Twitter account

Cannon and Chance posted a tweet on Twitter which is below. They said that he was an interviewer and broadcaster to a world but for them he was their dad.

Recently his wife, Shawn King shared some of their last moments

Although the couple married in 1997 but Larry filed a divorce to Shawn in 2019. However, the divorce was never finalized. Above all, the couple was living separately since then.  Shawn also told the ET news in the interview that Larry was also admitted in the hospital for COVID-19. But the disease is not what killed him. She added that COVID-19 was not he cause of his death. Shawn also said that his body has suffered through a lot of illness so when they heard it is COVID-19 their heart just dropped. but, above all, he won the fight between him and COVID.

Shawn and Larry
Credit: Instagram

The couples shares two boys who are named as Chance [21] and Cannon [20]. Shawn further told that her husband was laid in an intimate ceremony where everyone wore King’s signature suspenders. She further said that she and the boys are still processing the loss.

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