Nicole Curtis’s return to reality TV – How is the ‘Rehab Addict Rescue’ star doing after her custody battle for youngest son?


Rehab Addict Rescue is similar to her first show Rehab Addict

Those who love watching home-makeover shows know that it’s always a pleasure to watch Nicole Curtis take control of the show. The reality TV host is currently back in front of a camera for her new show Rehab Addict Rescue, where she continues to be the host, but with a small twist.

The difference between Rehab Addict Rescue and the original Rehab Addict is that the new show has Curtis helping out new homeowners renovate their properties instead of stepping in to do it herself. Curtis works as a professional consultant who provide help to the homeowners and make sure the best work is done in the allotted budget.

Curtis has been away from the TV scene for a while. What was she doing?

Tough motherhood

Nicole with her son Harper

Aside from being a licensed realtor who also knows home design, decor and real estate, Curtis is a single mother of two boys. Her oldest son Ethan is 22 while her youngest son Harper is 3. Motherhood had been difficult as she had a rough custody battle with Harper’s father Shane Maguire. She was accused by Maguire for breaching the contract and not letting him spend time with Harper on his allotted day.

As for the father of Ethan, Steven Cimini, he owed Curtis $14,685.54 for child support and when he failed to make an appearance on court, he was issued an arrest warrant.

Relationship status

Nicole with sons Harper and Ethan

In an article published on June 2019, Curtis was in a happy relationship with Ryan Sawtelle, the executive director and founder of the White Heart Foundation, a military non-profit organization. However, there are no updates on whether the couple is still together. But Curtis seems to be in a good place by juggling her work and her two children.

All eight episodes of Rehab Addict Rescue is currently on HGTV and Discovery+.


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