Southern Charm’s Shep Rose’s ex-girlfriend list comes to question after he admits to cheating on his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green


Andy Cohen, the host of Bravo TV’s Southern Charm struck to a clear objective of making all the cast members take ownership of their behaviour and the consequences it had led to. But he also did a great job in clearing the air about racism, the topic on which Leva Bonaparte and Kathryn Dennis had been fighting for a long time. A bit of shocking information came from Craig Conover who accused Madison LeCroy of flying to Miami and sleeping with a married and famous ex-MLB player. But what made Andy the most surprised was when Shep Rose admitted to cheating on long-term girlfriend Taylor Ann Green.

Shep’s blunder

Shep Rose

Shep defended his actions by saying he was drunk, and that it was a one-time thing. He spoke about texting an “old flame”, then meeting her and kissing at a stairwell. But that was all to the story, according to Shep and he spoke about coming clean to Taylor as well. He said that they cried and promised to be together. From their Instagram posts, it’s clear that the couple is still together and is serious about each other. Their parents have also met, it seems.

Shep’s exes

Shep's ex

Shep didn’t reveal the name of this “old flame” and fans are shocked that Taylor invited him back with open arms. Shep was known to be a playboy and bad dated multiple women in the past. One of the prominent ones were Danni Baird (his girlfriend before coming to the show), Bella Clark (Who was in his spin-off show Relationship) and Bailey Bial. Then there’s the case with Chelsea Meissner who said that Shep is a different person when he’s drunk.

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