Lil Durk Is Going A Bit ’ Kanye Krazy’ With His Newest Music Track!


While fans surely cannot get enough of the rapper Kanye West and his antics, it seems like another celeb has recently expressed her love for the rapper and came up with a grand gesture to show his fandom and live for Kanye West!

Lil Durk Surprises His Fans With The Newest Video, Kanye Krazy!

Lil Durk has released a new music video titled Kanye Krazy and the video sure is all kinds of crazy! The video is all about some of the iconic music videos and moments from Kanye West’s life and Lil Durk has recreated them!

Lil Durk

The video will take up back in time while fans get to relive some of the popular incidents from Kanye West’s life, some good and some went to create some controversy in the music industry. Here’s a little glimpse of it give right here. Enjoy the full video that is newly released by Lil Durk. You might go a bit Kanye crazy yourself !

Fans Got To See Some Of The Iconic Incidents From Kanye West’s Life In The Video!

The video opens with Lil Durk recreating one of Kanye West’s hits I Love It while also being dressed in the big boxy costume! If you think that’s that only surprise, there’s more to it! Fans got to see the infamous incident from the MTV VMAs back in 2009 when Kanye West took the mic away from Taylor Swift and well, things went a bit wayward!

Lil Durk

The music video also showed Kanye West’s popular video Famous while several models accompany Lil Durk to recreate the exact look. The Kanye Krazy track is a part of Durk’s newest album The Voice with as many as twelve additional tracks. By the looks of it, these songs are already creating quite the buzz around.

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