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Miley Cyrus Grabs Attention While Performing Her Controversial Song, Golden G-string!

It seems like our very own singing sensation Miley Cyrus is voicing her political concerns, however, the way she is expressing herself a bit unconventional and well, a little out of the box!

Singing Sensation Miley Cyrus Performs Golden G- String!

Miley Cyrus recently performed do NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert and one of her performance was a dig at our former president Donald Trump was the Malibu hitmaker was quite vocal as she expresses her disapproval for him!

Miley Cyrus

The singer performed a rendition of the diss track Golden G- Sting, while dressed in a cow print vest and a leopard print pants, Miley Cyrus performed in a nostalgic teenager bedroom and sing along with the tunes that were aimed at the former president. Here’s a little sneak peek into the bold performance as the singer relives some of her biggest hits of all times!

The Malibu Hitmaker Talks About The Song And What Made Her Write It

The singer had earlier opened up about the diss track on The Zane Lowe Show and what is her opinion about the former president and went on to shed light on all then who shed the light. She also talked about the part of her job while addressing the controversy and everything that is just a part of her job.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus had earlier revealed that she penned for the lyrics of this dis song back in 2017-2018 when she was not quite happy with Trump’s presidential time. The lyrics of the song are pretty controversial as it talks about a mad man who has an iron vault for a heart! The lyrics are quite catchy and makes a direct dig at the man in reference as earlier explained by the singer herself. Well, the lyrics surely grabbed enough attention from fans!

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