Rebel Wilson wows social media in a stunning black dress and debuts her pink hair


Wilson had been inspiring many over the past year after her incredible weight loss

Rebel Wilson had said at the start of 2020 that it was going to be her year of health, and while she does not have a particular standard to reach, she was going to reach a place where she’s physically and mentally fit.

Rebel Wilson

The actress, who is now a host for a dog grooming show called “Pooch Perfect” showed her slim figure on Thursday while shooting for new episodes of the show.

Black and Pink

Rebel looked stunning in a black dress with a black belt, and showed her new pink hair and a pink feather shawl to complete the look. She captioned that the dress was a Prada.

Weight loss

Rebel with boyfriend Jacob Busch

The 40-year-old Pitch Perfect star proudly showed her weight in November through her Instagram stories, and at that time, it had reached her goal of 165lbs (75kg or 11.8 stone). Rebel repeated what she had said earlier by telling that it’s not the number that mattered but a ‘tangible measurement’ to keep her motivated.

She was proud of being able to achieve her goal with one month left for the year to end. Wilson had followed the Mayr Method diet plan for losing weight. It’s a method that eliminated food intolerances, reduces sugar, encourages eating whole foods slowly, boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation. A source said that Rebel had been working out with a personal trainer up to six times a week, goes on walks and is slowly increasing her protein intake.

On the relationship front, Rebel is dating Jacob Busch, the founder of an ice cream brand called Napps, which is low in calories. Rebel herself is a big fan of it, now that her diet consists of more healthy items.

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