Several Women Are Accusing T.I And Tiny Harris Of Women Trafficking And Other Severe Allegations!


It seems like one of the popular rappers and his wife has been accused of something extremely severe and many women have come up to open up about their traumatic experience while accusing the rapper of the same!

Some Severe Allegations Have Come Come Against T.I And Ting Harris!

Sabrina Peterson has accused the rapper T.I of alleged sex trafficking and has dragged his wife Tiny Harris into al this as well! Peterson has recently uploaded some ming boggling facts and unveiled that as many as fifteen women have come up with similar experiences with the couple.

TI and Tiny Harris

One woman even narrated a traumatic experience where she attended a party that was going on on the rapper’s hotel suite and his wife was also present as well. Molly and heroin were handed out in this alleged party and guests who were willing to remove their pants were allowed to stay!

These Allegations Are Extremely Traumatic And Severe!

However, she went on to say that they had confiscated these girls’ phones and while many girls we’re dragged back and forth from bedroom to bathroom to the living room! These girls were in tear and crying as they wanted to leave but with their phones confiscated they could not call for an Uber!

Tiny Harris

While this woman was excused as she knew someone from the rapper’s entourage. She even heard the rapper call in for his security to pick a girl up as she was almost unconscious and her pulse was barely there! An anonymous victim has claimed that the rapper is an absolute monster who manipulates with his money power and uses T.I as his secret weapon! However, the couple in question has denied any such allegations while saying that they had issues with Sabrina for a long time none of the claims are true.

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