Social Media Went Into Frenzy After The Contestants Failed To Recognize Dave Chappelle On Jeopardy!


It seems like people are thrown into a frenzy after all the three contestants of the popular game show Jeopardy could not recognise this popular comedian and fans might have some opinions to share in social media!

People Are Shocked After The Contestants Could Not Recognize Dave Chappelle!

People were rather shocked when none of the three contestants who appeared on the recent episode of the game show failed to recognise the funnyman behind The Chapelle Show, Dave Chappelle! While there was a picture involved as well, the contestants could out figure out who he was!


Dave Chappelle is one of the most prominent comedians who gained huge popularity over the years and have also been a part of Netflix’s standup special Stick and Stones! He recently teamed up with John Mayer for Controlled Danger as they blended music and comedy.

A Picture And A Clue Was Given To The Contestants!

The contestant got enough help from the game show as they even gave a hint where it says that the man also displayed his acting skills in the movie A Star Is Born as he played Bradley Cooper’s long time friend! However, that went to vain as no one came out victorious and failed to recognize the man in the frame! It was later revealed that these contestants have not even seen A Star Is Born so the clue could not be of much help for them!


While it sure was surprising and even guest host Ken Jennings was also surprised by the fact that no one could recognise Dave Chapelle. Moreover, people took to social media to express their shock to the fact that no one could recognize Dave Chappelle as many penned down their surprise on Twitter! Some could not grasp the fact that that no one recognised the popular funny man!

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