The Finale Season of ‘Peaky Blinders’ Promises to be Bigger, Better and Something Never Seen Before


The sixth season to be the last but not the conclusion of the hit BBC series

The acclaimed British period crime drama after a splendid successful run of 5 seasons is all set to bid goodbye to its viewers with its sixth and final season. The Birmingham Blockbuster that kept the viewers on edge of their seats throughout the series after much delay due to pandemic has began the shooting of the last leg of the series. The official page on social media recently teased with the first look of Cilian Murphy as Tommy Shelby reading the script as he gears up for his final performance for the series.

The page didn’t divulge anything much, however, fans were quick to draw conclusions from the picture and come up with theories, one of which said that they are definite about the series to be closing with death of Tommy Shelby.

Fans can keep their hopes up as the season six seeming to look like something never seen before. With the shooting in full steam while maintaining the COVID protocols, fans can expect the series a lot sooner than what was being anticipated earlier with indefinite delay.

Is it really the last?

Peaky Blinders | Tommy Shelby | Cilian Murphy

Well, the season six is certainly the last of the series, however, not of the Shelby crime family story. In an unexpected and mammoth announcement, the creator the show Steven Knight has announced that the British smash hit series will continue in another form i.e., the story will continue on the big screen in form of a movie where it would conclude with a bang, eventually.

What does the creator say?

Steven Knightly who is high on the success of his show recently revealed that it was always his plan to “end Peaky with a movie,” and he plans to continue with that though pandemic altered his plans, he affirmed.

Peaky Blinders | Cilian Muphy | Tommy Shelby | Finale Season Six

Fans can rejoice

Fans of the hit series can heave a sigh of relief as they are up for more surprises from the Peaky Blinders team and they wouldn’t have to bid farewell to their favourite show just yet.


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