American Gods Season 3 Is Here And It Is More Than You Can Imagine!


Popular series American Gods is finally back with a brand new third season and it seems like it is all the more interesting than the previous two seasons with way too many twists and turns on the way!

American Gods Season 3 Comes With Brand New Twists And Character Transition!

While talking about the third season, series creator Neil Gaiman says that American Gods is back against all odds and is stronger than ever! Both Gaiman and Ricky Whittle are happy with thy results and has described this season as the strongest season yet!

American Gods 3

While talking about the cast, Gaiman says how fabulous the team is while talking about how promising the third season is. As far as the third season is concerned, expect to see more about the protagonist of the show, Shadow who otherwise keep going in the background. If you haven’t already witness all the intense action and drama, here’s the official trailer of American Gods season 3!

Creator Neil Gaiman Opens Up About The Third Season That Premiered This January!

While the creators and cast member have talked about aspects that will be coming home for the third season, it seems like it is not going to be about one voice but will be about everyone’s voice. While American Gods season 3 premiered on Starz on 11th January, there’s a lot to catch up on as the third season arrives after quite a while.

American Gods 3

As many characters have gone through some big changes, don’t miss out on the third season as it returns to its triumphant form once again! After Shadow Moon’s move to Wisconsin, see the action set in full motion in season 3! With the newest season back on track after a while, it seems like we have a lot to catch up on!

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