Creator Daniel Levy Opens Up About The End Of Canadian Comedy Sitcom Schitt’s Creek!


While the famous Rose family went through some ups and downs in the hit Canadian comedy sitcom, it seems like fans surely cannot get enough of this not so normal family!

Is Canadian Comedy Sitcom Schitt’s Creek Returning For Season 6?

While Schitt’s Creek recently came up with their sixth season, fans are in for a bittersweet announcement ahead as the makers of the series have already announced that the sixth season is going to be the last while drawing the curtain on the story of the Rose family.

Schitt’s Creek

Right from the start, fans loved the story of a once filthy-rich Rose family going bankrupt and landing in a small city with their quirks! While every character is unique in itself, the series went on to create a few records at the Emmys as well. With some new records and an overwhelming response in sleeves, the show is going to end with the final season 6!

Creators Dan And Eugene Levy Have Opened Up About The Series Finale!

Series creator Dan Levy had earlier posted a picture of our beloved Rosebud Hotel while saying that its a wrap and the cast and crew expressed their gratitude for all the love and support that the series has received over the years. While talking about the series ending, father and son duo Eugene and Daniel Levy had states that they planned to make six seasons as they didn’t want to compromise with the quality of storytelling!

Schitt’s Creek

The sixth season has already on to an end and it seems like the final goodbye with the family making some big decision regarding the Rosebud Hotel and David Rose also making a rather life-altering decision for himself! With a rather open ended conclusion that fans saw in the sixth season, some answers are best left to the imagination of the viewers.

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