It Is Tom Selleck’s Birthday And Fans Sure Cannot Get Enough Of This Particular Scene From Magnum P.I.


While fans can it get enough of the 1980s hit Magnum P.I., it seems as a particular scene has resurfaced on social media and fans seemed to have loved this scene all over again!

A Popular Scene From Magnum P.I Has Resurfaced On Social Media!

Popular actor Tom Selleck who was one of the most desirable male figures from the Entertainment industry and a particular scene of the actor tackling a ferocious parrot recently caught the attention of many and is sure is something and some fans found it quite hilarious!

Tom Selleck

As the scene saw Tom Selleck being attacked by a KGB trained parrot who seems to be dangerous for the actor, however, the bird is soon killed by a helicopter but not just any ordinary helicopter but the rotors of T.C’s helicopter.

Fans Are Loving Tom Selleck Tackling A Ferocious Bird!

As the scene went on to become viral, screenwriter Jeffrey Leiber revealed that while the scene required extremely hard work and was a dangerous one! It was not a one-man job to bring this scene to life as it required an animal wrangler for the bird! Apart from the animal wrangler, other departments were also involved as they had to look into safety and weapons.

Tom Selleck

It seems like this was the perfect way to celebrate the actor’s birthday which falls on 29th January, fans surely couldn’t get enough of the actor’s breakout role as a private investigator Thomas Magnum in the iconic television series Magnum P.I. The actor gained worldwide recognition after the popularity of his character and its been a long time and with this scene resurfacing we are sure that the popularity is still intact! The actor also played the role of Dr. Richard Burke in the iconic comedy sitcom Friends!

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