Microsoft causes an outrage after charging Hotmail and Outlook users in order to keep their old emails


Very bad news indeed for long term users

If recent reports are to be believed, Microsoft has apparently been sending it’s long-term Hotmail and Outlook users warning emails that they are nearing their storage limit, causing rage and confusion.

Microsoft had retired it’s Hotmail service back in 2013 and moved all its users to, but allowed them to keep their Hotmail addresses at the same time.

Over the limit


Microsoft also put s 15GB storage limit, and recently when a lot of Hotmail users logged in, it showed that they are over the limit and will no longer be able to send or receive emails unpess they either free up space by deleting older emails or sign up to Microsoft 365, which then offers more storage capacity and access to Office applications like Word, for $69.99/£59.99/AU$99 a year.

This is a big step from free service, and unless you are someone who uses Microsoft Office applications, this would feel like being forced to pay for a service that you don’t use on a daily basis.

Microsoft’s justifications

Now, this is what Microsoft has made its users agree to when they signed up, meaning they are not at fault. But what people are more angry about is not being told in the past eight years about the amount of space they have used up. Many of these people have been over limit for many years now.


According to the Daily Express, people over the limit of 15GB were suddenly barred from sending or receiving emails until they cleared some space by deleting old ones. While their negligence is a factor, we can’t blame them entirely since Microsoft hadn’t sent any reminders or warning emails to let them know before.

In conclusion, there are a lot of angry users who will now have to pay for the services.

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