The 26 year old singer Ariana Grande reveals how her real hair looks like


If you know Ariana Grande then there exists numerous reasons to “Why You Know Her”. Yes, she is a great singer but her famous ponytail look is also a reason to why we know her. In fact, maybe it is her voice and ponytail which make her famous. Adding to hat, the 26 year old very talented singer is very rarely seen without her pony.

But have you ever imagen Ariana looks without ponytail?

We hope that you at least know that Arian’s ponytail is not made of her real hair. She us extensions. But we have rarely seen her in any other hair style. Moreover, we have also never seen her without these extensions.

Recently, Ariana posted a photo to show her fans how does her hair looks like without extensions

Back in 2014, Ariana explained why she wears extensions. Arian’s hair got damaged because she played the character of Cat on Sam and Cat. For which she used to dye her hair on regular basis. By regular basis we mean that she dyed her hair for like our years.

Ariana's real hair
Credit: Instagram

She also said that people keep asking her that why does she use extensions. Ariana, also further added that dyeing her hair for like four years completely destroyed her hair. They are completely damaged and broken.

Now, Ariana wears wig on Sam and Cat so that her real hair can rest

Arian’s real hair have grown back and now are getting normal gradually. She further explained that she is wears wig on her pony because her hair otherwise cannot take the weight of the wig.

Well, at last you also explained that her natural hair is taking a lot of time to grow back. The damaged done to her hair due to dye is very intensive.

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