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Transformer Fame Megan Fox Shuts the Unnecessary Rumours about Engagement with Machine Gun Kelly

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Credit: Twitter

It seems like Megan Fox was tired of the rumors which was spreading against her. She clearly slammed her haters with a very bold and clever act. Megan was being bullied by her haters since the day she started hanging out with Machine Gun Kelly.

The 34 years old actress marked a full stop at all the abhor spreading for her with a one humors pictures. Megan posted a picture with vulgar ring along with a stars on it. It was like a slap to those who were speaking nonsense about her.

Credit: Instagram

Megan posted a picture on her Instagram story where she was wearing a ring that was graved with slang

On Friday, that is on 29th of January Megan Fox posted a picture with a chess in background. In that picture, Megan was wearing a ring which said “F**k You”. She was wearing the ring in her engagement finger. Megan’s nail was amazingly painted, gee! As soon as Megan posted this, her fans as well as her haters went crazy.

For caption, she posed a single unamused emoji.

Credit: Instagram

What lead to the engagement rumors of Megan and Kelly?

Everything was normal until Megan and Kelly’s pictures were viral few days ago. In that picture Megan was holding a bottle and sweater in her left hand. That is where the confusion began. People thought that there is a ring in her finger. The couple is together since 2020 spring. This is the same time when Megan decided to split from her husband, Brian Austin. She and Brian shares three children who are named as Noah, eight, Bodhi, six, and Journey, four.

Megan and Kelly’s relationship is getting stronger day by day. Maybe that is the reason people assumed that the couple is engaged.

Credit: Daily Mail

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