Ulrika Jonsson Makes Some Bold Confessions About Her Sex Drive, Dating Younger Men And More!


It seems like telly star Ulrika Jonsson has recently made some candid and bold confessions and fans sure are enjoying everything about this recently made confession by the celeb!

Ulrika Jonsson Talks About Her New Found Interest In Her Sex Drive!

Ulrika Jonsson has recently described herself as God’s greatest gift to younger men and is also in a hunt for a new toyboy! While talking about her personal life, the star is pretty much ready to find a fun new partner who is all willing to enjoy life and good sex with her!

Ulrika Jonsson

The star is pretty clear about what she wants in life and has her priorities set as it is all about laughter, good food and sex for her! The star has been divorced thrice and while she is open to the idea of dating younger men, she also talked about the judgement that comes along if she dates younger men! The judgement, as the star explains sometimes takes the form of a public outrage!

The Telly Star Is All About Her Love Life, Ex-Husbands And More!

The telly star went on to make some additional bold revelations as she talked about her sexless marriage with ex- Brian Monet and how she had more sex in her 50s than she actually had in her 30s! She is willing to squeeze in as much sex as possible! She further revealed how her approach towards sex has gone through a huge change in her 50s!

Ulrika Jonsson

While fans are appreciating this bold avatar of the star, Ulrika Jonsson is already grabbing eyeballs with her Insta perfect pictures in a bikini that is making everyone envious of the star! Now that the star is searching for her next toyboy, we wonder what next for her!

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