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Bridgerton: Netflix hasn’t Green-lit the Britain Series for Season 2 but the Potential Details Indicate Not Far

Season one was well received so a second season isn’t far off

Bridgerton was a surprisingly good show and is currently one of the most binge-worthy titles available on Netflix. Fans have already started demanding for a second season of the Regency-era romantic drama.

Season 1 ended with Penelope Featherington’s big reveal as Lady Whistled own, the shady gossip columnist of London, and Portia Featherington’s far from pleasant reaction to the man inheriting her late husband’s estate, as well as many other unsolved events that were left.


The series came out on December 25 and Netflix hasn’t given any announcements regarding its renewal as of yet. While it has been barely one month since its release, there were times when a show’s upcoming season was announced before the current season premiered. However, several cast members as well as showrunner Chris Van Dusen have dropped hints about what to expect if the show gets renewed.

Renewal is nigh

Production Weekly recently reported that the show had originally intended to shoot season two in July 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic brought everything to an indefinite halt. According to What’s on Netflix, the cast and crew are currently ready to start filming on March 2021 in Uxbridge, England.


All of these are to be taken with a pinch of salt since Netflix is the one giving the final verdict, and they had prematurely cancelled shows in the past. But Bridgerton‘s future still looks bright thanks to its good reception. As Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope in the show said, “We all really hope (it will be renewed).”

Netflix had previously announced that Bridgerton has become its fifth biggest original series launched to date and is soon expected to reach 63 million households since the one month of it’s premiere. Critics are also saying that Netflix made a good investment after its $150 million deal with the show’s production company Rhimes.

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