Cancelled GoldenEye remaster for Xbox is currently available to watch on YouTube


The game was credited to be one of Rare Thief Studio’s best games

Two days ago, an old Xbox remaster of classic N64 game GoldenEye, based on the James Bond movie of the same name has been uploaded on YouTube. It’s also rumoured to release for the public later this year.

The game’s popularity

Rare Thief

James Bond used to be one of the biggest icons of the Nintendo 64, along with Mario and Link, and that was all thanks to this video game adaptation. The game was so popular after its release in 1997 that Microsoft bought it’s developer Rare and was supposed to make an HD remaster of the game for Xbox Live arcade. But it faced copyright issues and the game got shelved and did not get released.

Back then, only 30 minutes of footage was released, but now a YouTuber has released the entire gameplay on the platform. The video is over two hours long and contains every level of the original game, and towards the end, showed some multiplayer gameplay as well. In the video description, it was written that the footage was captured using an emulator for it to reach the 4K 60 frames per second resolution.

Will the game release officially?

Rare Thief

The YouTuber who uploaded it was Graslu00, who mainly focuses on James Bond games. He claims that the build wasn’t obtained through a 4chan leak and that he had been in contact with people who had the game with them for years.

There are also rumours that the game will officially release later this year. Not much is known except that it will probably be available as a free download for PC.

Fans of the original game will definitely be happy to relieve their childhood memories, but it won’t be surprising if another copyright claim pops up.

The gameplay video


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