Fans can Brace Themselves as Season 2 of Netflix’s Fantasy Horror ‘Locke & Key’ is Not Far Away


Minor spoilers from season 1 ahead

Locke & Key is a Netflix Original fantasy horror series about three siblings who move into a house which contains numerous mysteries related to magic. It released on February 7, 2020 and consisted of ten episodes.

According to the showrunners, the series took a long time to be made after it was originally intended for Fox and later Hulu, for whom they even shot pilot episodes. The first season got some good reviews, with the negatives being that it felt too familiar. However, the majority loved it and some were saying it had the potential to be like Goosebumps. 

Renewal status

Locke & Key

It was officially confirmed on March 30, 2020 that the show will be returning with its second season. So expect more keys, demons and maybe even more aloha.

According to the sources that provide production details on shows, the series had started production on season 2 after the first season wrapped up. The location was once again Toronto, Canada.

The showrunners, Meredith Averill and Carlton Cuse had spoken about another season during interviews for the first season. In one of them, they said that they had been writing season 2 even though it hasn’t been green-lit.

Season 2 plot

Locke & Key

Season one ended setting up the premise for the next season. It ended with the Locke siblings entering the most dangerous door yet and ends with them being the keeper of all the keys. But they are not safe from evil and Dodge is still alive after making them believe she was dead. While the omega key is in safe custody, the crown is still missing.

The show is believed to stay true to its comic source for the main story but the creators have said that they could diverge so that it suits the TV series.

One final good news. Locke & Key season 3 has also been announced!

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