Gangsta season 2: Can we expect to see another season of the superhuman crime drama?


After five years, the chances of it happening seem less

Gangsta was a unique anime. It isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill crime drama. The anime is adapted from the manga of the same name written by Kōsuke. While the dark and gritty story may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it still managed to attract a lot of viewers.

Season 1 of Gangsta aired from July 1, 2015 and concluded on September 27, and consisted of 12 episodes. And from the major cliffhanger ending it had, it would be only natural to make a second season. However, in the five years that followed, we have received no such announcements.

Why a second season wasn’t made

Manglobe Studios

There is actually a valid reason behind the non-renewal. Manglove Studios, the studio behind the anime filed for bankruptcy in 2015 after running into a debt of about 350 million. Gangsta was in fact the last anime they made, and due to the debt, it was never renewed. In the years that followed, no other studio picked it up and the manga creators also didn’t give any announcements regarding its future.

The manga consists of eight volumes, the last one coming out in May 2018 and it made way for a spinoff called Gangsta: Cursed which ran for five volumes. The anime consists of the initial six volumes of the manga, so if a second season gets made, it will only have two volumes to cover, which simply won’t suffice. At least 3 more volumes are required to make a full season. This can be included in the list why the anime is not picked up by any other studio.

In conclusion, we can say that the odds are not in Gangsta‘s favour. With a small story which hasn’t carried on after its eighth volume, no animator and declining interest, it is less than likely that we will be getting another season.

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