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The Dragon Prince: The temporary Halt that COVID-19 had caused might be Over soon as Show Set to Resume for Season 4 Production

Gearing up for a massive return?

Dragon Prince is a computer animation series produced by streaming giant Netflix. Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond are the respective creators of the series. The series became widely popular all around as it received many positive reviews.

The first season of the series debuted on 14th of September, 2018 which also saw an immense rise of it. After the penultimate season, the next two came quickly. Further, it went on to have two seasons more. On 15th of February, 2019 season 2 of the show came for fans. While season 3, was released on 22nd of November, 2019.

From then on fans have been sitting tightly waiting for the new season to premiere. Season 4 eventually turned out to become one of the highly-anticipated series.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 will see a recurring cast as Jack DeSena will be back as Callum. At the same time, Paula Burrows and Sasha Rojen are also expected to return to loan their voice for Rayla and Ezran respectively.

dragon prince

Other cast includes Erik Dellums, Jesse Inocalla, Jason Simpson and Racquel Belmonte who will likewise loan their voice for as Aaravos, Soren, Viren and Claudia respectively.

What’s official word?

The Dragon Prince Season 4 will keep on rotating around the locale of Xaldia with fragments of sorcery in a related world. The Sun, Moon, Sky, Earth, Stars and Oceans were the six fundamental pieces of the wizardry. According to many sources, Season 4 of Dragon Prince will see the fights and wars between human beings and dragons. The series will be a big deciding on resulting in an immense war action between both the counterparts.

The Dragon Prince | Netflix

We all are quite knowledgeable about the current scenario of Coronavirus Pandemic. Due to pandemic many of the productions are on indefinite pause. On the current scenario, Dragon Prince Season 4 doesn’t have an official release date. Netflix has also not confirmed any new information but one thing is certain that Season 4 will be there in 2021.

Soumyajit Patnaik
Soumyajit Patnaik
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