Vikings: Season 6 Opened to much Fanfare, but does that Increase Chances for Season 7? Let’s Find Out


Was season 6 really the end?

Vikings is probably one of the most popular and also hyped show for good in recent times. Many fans have been strongly following the show right from it’s an ultimate start.

Fans of the show have been energetically foreseeing the drop of the last ten episodes for a long while now. The wait was long but still worth every penny as the episodes drop. The series is set to be similarly as full of action and adventure just like the past ones.

Vikings | Season 6

A ray of hope for a new season?

History Channel’s adventure of Ragnar Lothbrok and his children has reached a conclusion with the Vikings season 6 finale – however, that is not the finish of the story. While Vikings season 7 isn’t on the cards, fans can anticipate a re-visitation of Kattegat in the forthcoming spinoff series Viking: Valhalla that is till now planned.

There’s no compelling reason to stress over Vikings being dropped this time around. History has just declared that this is the last season thus, there won’t be the seventh season for now. On the positive side, the writers have had enough notification to wrap up the show and there’s likewise a continuation series underway at Netflix.

Vikings | Season 6

On the off chance that you need a brisk recap before Amazon Prime releases season 6, part 2, at that point read on to revive your memory. In the last scene, we saw the Rus Vikings assault Kattegat.

The Vikings were driven by Ivar the Boneless, Hvitserk and Prince Oleg, and at last, vanquished Kattegat. Bjorn Ironside and King Harald were harmed in the last scene while shielding Kattegat, and it was hazy on the off chance that they had endured.

Both Bjorn and Harald were harmed in the fight, with Ivar the Boneless wounding is own sibling Bjorn on the seashore of Kattegat. The trailer for the last 10 episodes uncovers Bjorn and Harald are alive, yet for exactly how long they will endure stays obscure.

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