Jeff Bezos Stuns Everyone As He Is Soon Going To Step Down As The CEO Of Amazon!


It seems like the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has all set to make a rather big decision and this announcement is surely going to leave all of us shocked!

Jeff Bezos Has Made A Rather Big Announcement!

Get ready to get a big shock ahead as Jeff Bezos is going to step down as the Chief Executive Officer of Amazon! The man who is the genius behind one of the biggest company giant Amazon is soon going to give the helm of the company to someone else.

Jeff Bezos

While Jeff Bezos will be a part of the executive chair, which will be in action from 1st July onwards. Now the chair of CEO will be given over to Andy Jassy who is currently the chief executive of Amazon Web Services. While talking about this transition followed by the big announcement, Jeff Bezos stated that this transition will give him the time and energy to focus on Day 1 Fund and his other campaigns and works that has been aiming to make a difference while spreading climatic awareness across countries.

Jeff Bezos Shocks People As He Would Soon Be Stepping Down As The CEO Of Amazon!

We wonder what kind of changes will be coming on with this transition of change and whether the company will go through a significant transformation as it is already ringing bells at Wall Street. Jeff Bezos will be focusing more on his other passion that includes Blue Origin and The Washington Post.

Jeff Bezos

Moreover, while there are some speculations about this sudden announcement or what led to this, Jeff Bezos stepping down as the Chief Executive Officer won’t be making much of a difference as the company values a whopping $1.7 trillion, thus making Amazon one of the most valuable companies in the world.

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