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‘Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer’ is the Gory Docuseries Capable of Sending Chill Down your Spine

Gory & terrifying Crime documentary

The streaming giant Netflix doesn’t cease to surprise its viewers, maybe that’s why the streaming service is everyone’s favourite and despite the tough competition on OTT platforms, no other streaming services could have dethroned Netflix from its numero uno spot till date.

In another attempt to woo its audience with something out of the box, Netflix has brought rime documentary based on the terror reign of 1980s by the psychopath serial killer Richard Ramirez. The four-episode documentary series covers the horrifying series of crime by the “Night stalker” that shook the parts of Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas in 1984 and 1985 as Richard Ramirez targeted people at random only to quench his thirst for violence and lust. The terror of this criminal is such that even today he invokes fear in mind of the people throughout the California.

It is set against the overcast backdrop of 1980s Los Angeles narrating the story of one of the most vicious and notorious serial killers in U.S. history who was engaged in looting, raping, assaulting and murdering the citizens at will. The plot is based on the perspective of the two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detectives who nabbed him to put an end to his terror that has shaken the entire region. The documentary also has taken an account of the victims who could be saved and escaped his ferociousness.

Night Stalker: The Hunt | Netflix | Richard Ramirez

The man responsible for giving the crime case a face of documentary

Tiller Russel, director of the series, shedding more light on Richard Ramirez and the fright he had spread across the region, says that people in Los Angeles were used to keeping their apartment windows open from which he was crawling in to inflict violence, told to People. He continued that fear is such that till date people will find bars on the windows as one would move around the streets of L.A. He chose his victims as he pleased that ranged from children as young as 6-years-old to adults as old as 82-year-old, and his weapon choice was very diversified, concluded Tiller.

Richard Ramirez | Night Stalker: The Hunt | Netflix
US Country County Department

This real-life demon, Richard Ramirez aka “Night Stalker,” died in 2013 on a death row, but the terrorizing story of his brutality continues to be showcased on screens.

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