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Victoria Larson And Anna Redman Were Eliminated From The Bachelor After Making Some Problematic Remarks About Others!

It seems like fans are about to witness some high-end drama on The Bachelor! Two girls were recently eliminated after they displayed some problematic behaviour and fans sure are all about this ongoing drama in the newest episode.

Victoria Larson And Anna Redman Have Been Eliminated From The Bachelor For Displaying Problematic Behavior!

After some ongoing tension, Matt James has finally eliminated both Anna Redman, and Victoria Larson and it surely did bring relieve amongst many in the cast. This shocking eliminating came in after Matt James heard from other women that the two ladies have been quite bitter to others. While addressing the ongoing tension in the house, the elimination happened which made it all the more dramatic this time.

The Bachelor

Victoria Larson has been quite the person in the show while grabbing eyeballs as she ha been reportedly nasty to the other contestants of this season, after the elimination Victoria, like the person she is. Victoria went on to express her anger while stating that while he is not her king she is still a queen.

The Bachelor Is All About High-End Drama This Time!

Victoria added further by staying that several people are going to feel like shit now that she is gone, as she beloved that she brought joy to many people. She also made another bizarre claim by saying that she is never going to date another Matt as she hates that name now.

The Bachelor

This season is all about ongoing drama as Katie Thurston has claimed that the house is getting quite toxic! Things escalated to a whole new level after Anna started a rumour about Brittany being an escort! Brittany went on to express how bad this is and it can ruin her reputation as the show is on national TV.

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