WandaVision Mid-Season Trailer Comes With Not One But Two Surprising Appearances!


After the much-awaited release of the standalone Marvel series Wandavision in the streaming platform, Disney+, it seems like the makers are here with yet another big surprise that comes in a form of a trailer!

WandaVsion Comes With A Brand New Mid-Season Trailer!

After a few exciting new episodes, the series will be back for the fifth episode as the streaming platform has released a short yet interesting midseason trailer. The trailer comes with not one but two new surprises as one familiar face from the Thor family makes an appearance!


Fans were delighted to see Thor star Kat Dennings who makes her surprising retain as Darcy Lewis. However, she is not the only new entry as actor Randall Park also stars as FBI agent Jimmy Woo. They examine the Westview and here’s the official new trailer that is right here! Get ready as Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo makes their own search about the Westview in the coming episodes.

Two Big Names Have Already Made Their Surprising Appearance!

The show as explained by the makers earlier will have a lot of time travelling trope which is quite evident from what we have seen till now and as the story shifts from the 1980s to 1990s and the trailer also comes along with a Halloween party as well!


The trailer shows some glimpses into the two avengers trying to fit in this alternate reality while Randall Park’s character crack a few punch line as he asks Darcy about a sitcom with two Avengers while being surprised with the idea to which Darcy replies that it is a working theory! With Darcy
Lewis making her surprise entry, we wonder whether some other Marvel characters are also going to appear in the series in the coming time.

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