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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Get ready for Viva Festivale

It’s almost time for the Viva Festivale in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Check out the guide below

It’s almost time for the Festivale event in Animal Crossing and we have with us a guide on how you can prepare for the big event.

Animal Crossing has been a blessing for people who were dealing with COVID-19 and couldn’t get out as freely as before. It became widely popular across social media after its wholesome characters and scenarios started trending, and the sales were much bigger than the predictions. Players could relax and create their own tropical island paradise and the monthly updates were also entertaining. For February, it’s the Viva Festivale event, and here are some methods for you to prepare for it.

The Festivale

Animal Crossing

The Viva Festivale began on January 28th. Once it started, players must start collecting special colored feathers that can be traded in to Pave in exchange for furniture items in the Pave Series. Other items you can trade it for are Viva Festivale clothing. These special clothes are available for a limited time so completing these feathers is where your focus should be on.

The preparations

Animal Crossing
  • Inorder to bring the festive mood in, players must first decorate the island and make it look more festive.
  • New emotes will start coming up and will be available in time to celebrate the event. You will be able to unlock 4 new emotes at that time.
  • Make sure to leave some storage space for the feathers. It’s going to be similar to how the Easter Eggs were and you might end up scrambling to make room.

Do not forget that the Viva Festivale is only the tip of the iceberg for what’s yet to come on 2021. After all, it’s not the actual festival that matters, it’s the limited items that you get to collect.

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