Bridgerton: A series filled with romance was also filled with amazing classical covers


“Bridgerton” was rolled out on Netflix last month. The series was one of those Netflix series which helped the audience to get the through pandemic. “Bridgerton” contains over all eight episodes. If you have recently started watching the show then by now you must have realized that the series do contain some of the cool tracks. It was not only the cast and directors who made the series amazing but also the music composers. “Bridgerton” is filled with full of amazing covers.

All the amazing costumes, all the hippodrome scenes, chucklesome scenes and every other scenes of the show was filled with classical covers of modern songs.

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Here is the list of all the songs that were featured in “Bridgerton”

thank u, next (Ariana Grande): During first episode, this song was played when at the first ball of the season. The scene was revolving around Anthony and Daphne.

Girls like you (Maroon 5’s): This track was also part of Anthony and Daphne’s first ball scene. This song was played when Daphne waits for an interested men but instead watch them going to Miss Marina Thompson.

In My Blood (Shawn Mendes): During the ending of episode 2, when Daphne and Simon dance this song by Shawn Mendes complete the scene.

Bad Guy (Billie Eilish): During episode 3 when Simon acts freaking out when other man ask Daphne out for the dance, this songs gives goosebumps to audience.

Strange (Celeste):  This track was featured in episode 5. During an intimate scene at their wedding night this song by celeste completes and justify every feeling in this scene.

Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift): This song was featured in episode six while filming a sex scene between Daphne and Simon.

What about season 2 of “Bridgerton”?

Yes!!!! it is official that we will  be having season of “Bridgerton”.  It was announced on Twitter.

Zack Snyder cut is set to roll out on 18th of March.

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