Frontier Season 4 – Did Netflix cancel the gritty period drama?

Season 3 aired in 2018 and has since posted no updates

Frontier is a Canadian Netflix Original series that quickly rose to prominence. Created by Rob and Peter Blackie, the series takes place in North America during the 18th century when fur trade was had one of the biggest markets. People’s lust for money and fame brought a lot of violence in the region, and the show doesn’t lack a bit in grit, blood and gore.

With a solid cast and writing, it became one of Netflix’s best Originals and majority of the audiences and critics loved it.

But after season 3 finished airing in November 23, 2018, there had been no major announcements regarding the show’s renewal. Here’s what we know.

Renewal status


Season 3 was just six episodes long, but was a bigger hit than seasons 1 and 2 with the storytelling and performance getting even better. After it showed such a great improvement, fans were waiting for announcement regarding the fourth season. But two years passed and we have received no official word.

The only one to drop a slight hint was the show’s lead Jason Momoa who sometimes used to post pictures from the show, with the last throwback post posted just six days ago. This made fans wonder if the show is set to be renewed. But his co-stars have dismissed any rumours about a renewal. There was even a rumour that the show would release on July 14, 2020.

Not announced, but not cancelled either


Even though July 14, 2020 came and went with no announcements, it must be noted that Netflix has not officially cancelled the show and the showrunners have not spoken about ending it either. Momoa is also busy with other projects currently, so we can safely bet that the show won’t be returning for the foreseeable future.

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