Get Ready For Some Unexpected Returns In Snowpiercer Season 2. P.S: Fans Did Not See This Coming!


It seems like TNT finally has unveiled the much-awaited second season of Snowpiercer and let’s just say we are in for a surprise as a lot has happened with someone coming back from the dead!

Get Ready For Big Surprises As TNT’s Show Snowpiercer Newest Episodes Are Here! 

With TNT network officially releasing the second season of Snowpiercer, fans finally got a glimpse of all the intense action, drama and twists released by the network and there is a whole lot of tension going on between the people of Snowpiercer and some coming from the land of death! If you have missed the second season, take a sneak peek into the newest episode of Snowpiercer season 2!

With the newest season made its way in January, fans saw an whole lot of intense fight scenes, drama, and not to forget Sean Bean as Mr Wilford, who is the billionaire creator behind the Great Ark train. As the first season finale ended on a huge cliffhanger with Mr Wilford being alive and if that’s not shocking enough, someone else had made her shocking return.

Snowpiercer 2

Fans Saw Some Characters Returning From The Land Of The Dead! P.S: Major Spoilers Coming!

With the previous season finale leaving behind too many unanswered questions, fans were shocked to see Andre’s flame Josie making her shocking return! While Melanie seemed to have killed her under unwanted circumstances, viewers are in for a shock as Josie was seen to be in a coma and receiving medical treatment for severe burns.

Snowpiercer 2

With Zarah carrying Andre’s baby, and Andre finally making the shocking discovery that Josie is very much alive, things are going to get extremely complicated as fans saw Josie finally gaining consciousness with Andre by her side. With tensions arising in season 2, we wonder what’s next in Snowpiercer!

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