Goblin Slayer Season 2 has been announced with a new poster and video


Ready for more goblin-slaying adventures?

Goblin Slayer makers have been real quiet after the movie Goblin’s Crown released last year, but it seems like they have been busy behind the scenes. That’s because during the weekend, the studio revealed that a second season has been in the works.


The grand reveal was done during the anniversary event for GA Bunko, and fans were very excited to see that there’s more that they can see of Goblin Slayer and his group of adventurers.

The poster below shows all the main characters meaning they will all be returning to slay more goblins and hopefully, this season won’t be as controversial as the first season. The first season caused an uproar due to the graphic violence and sexual assault and streaming services like Crunchyroll failed to issue a warning notice beforehand.

Goblin Slayer
White Fox

The story so far

Season one of Goblin Slayer is available for streaming on Crunchyroll currently, along with other free to use anime websites such as 4anime and GoGoAnime. Crunchyroll also hosted the movie which comprises of one volume of the light novel series from which the anime is adapted.

The story follows a man dressed in armour who lives in a magical kingdom of adventurers and mystical creatures, and is slightly odd when it comes to human interaction and selecting missions. This man only accepts missions that has anything to do with killing goblins, hence earning the nickname Goblin Slayer. After saving a young priestess from a group of goblins, he forms a team with her, and after making new comrades along the way, sets out to kill more goblins.

Season 2 release date

Goblin Slayer
White Fox

No announcement has been made regarding the release of season 2. The announcement video also doesn’t contain any dates. So it’s expected to arrive in late 2021 or early 2022. In the meantime, try catching up with the first season and movie.

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