Mariah Carey Is In Severe Legal Trouble As Her Sister Is Pressing Charges On Her!


It seems like singing sensation Mariah Carey is in serious legal trouble as one of her relatives is suing her and things have turned quite ugly with the complication that followed right after.

Mariah Carey’s Memoir Has Revealed Some Disturbing Facts About Her Sister!

While Mariah Carey is already garnering huge attention for her memoir titled The Meaning of Mariah Carey that got published back in September, it seems like not everyone is happy about it as some of the incidents might have been distressing for some!

Mariah Carey

According to Mariah’s sister Alison Carey, some of the claims made in the memoir are not true and have caused Alison immense emotional distress. These claims include pimping Mariah out and even throwing boiling tea on her! While Mariah Carey has not presented any evidence to substantiate any of the following statement. Does this mean that the star is going to be in serious trouble?

Alison Carey Is Shocked, Hurt And Appalled With These Claims!

Alison Carey is not going to be it and have issued a severe legal lawsuit stating that the star jas used her fame to attack her sister by making up these claims only to boost the sales number of the book. Now Alison wants to see damages for the utter public humiliation that she had to go through for these claims.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s book has some extremely disturbing incident from her childhood, out of which one even stated that Mariah was unaware of the fact that her sister’s boyfriend was running a prostitution ting! Alison said that she is just shocked and appalled with this accusation that does bring her out in bad light. While the memoir has went on to become a huge hit amount fans, we wonder how this legal battle between the two sister will turn out!

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