What is quantum internet? What are its speed and benefits expected to be?


If this gets implemented, it’s going to be a major turning point for technology

Numerous countries around the world are looking for means to create a quantum internet as it will grant them a competitive advantage in technology, which in turn opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

A base level blueprint of the quantum internet was recently published by the US Department of Energy (DoE) and it laid out a step-by-step strategy for accomplishing the quantum internet dream. The primary objective is to make sure it’s safe from any means of cyber hacking. The department says that it will “metamorphosize our way of life.” Federal funding of nearly $625 million is being invested in this project.

What is a quantum internet?

Scientific representation
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A quantum internet is the kind of internet that is able to transmit large volumes of data across great distances at a speed faster than the speed of light. Just imagine all the applications that can benefit from a speed like this.

Classic computer data is coded in either zeroes or ones. Quantum data is superimposed in both zeroes and ones simultaneously. If the internet gets to working condition, academics, researchers and IT professionals will need to create devices that can handle quantum computing such as quantum routers, gateways, hubs, and many other tools. It will give birth to a whole new industry.

Not the end of traditional internet

Quantum internet

With the advent of something new, old appliances usually go obsolete, but not in this case. The internet we rely on now will continue to exist and quantum internet will be used by large organisations to safeguard data that is impervious to cybercrimes. It’s said to benefit the financial sector, healthcare and most of the other public sectors.

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