Will Homeland make a 9th season after the open-ended finale of season 8?


There’s even talk about a ninth season, but with a different lead

April 2020 was the final day for Showtime’s popular espionage thriller series Homeland. But fans weren’t convinced that it was the end of the series, despite Showtime saying it’s the final season.

Homeland is based on Israeli TV series Prisoners of War and stars Claire Danes as bipolar CIA officer-turned-private citizen Carrie Mathison and Many Patinkin as her mentor Saul Berenson. The duo get together to fight against numerous terrorist threats and maintain public order – but not without making sacrifices along the way.

The finale


The series has won Emmys and Golden Globes along its eight-season-run and has its fair share of twists, backstabbings, and impending global catastrophes. With all that said, can we expect more?

The season 8 finale didn’t wrap things up with a happily ever after – the Middle East and Russians were still meddling in American Politics. But it was satisfying, though vaguely confusing nonetheless. But the question of whether Carrie has become a Russian spy during her time in the gulag still remains unanswered. Carrie is however, living in Russia when the show ends.

Never say never


Creator Alex Gansa told TVLine that the idea is that the story goes on. Season 8 concluded with the idea that Saul has a double agent infiltrating Russia and Carrie’s secret note inside her book suggests that she hasn’t forgotten about her allegiance either. Gansa says that Carrie is still in touch with Saul and what comes next is best left to the imagination of fans.

When asked if this was really the end of Homeland, he said that he really thinks so. However, the series’s co-creator Howard Gordon says, “Never say never,” meaning there could be chances of something new happening.

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